Re-Skin & Customize Apps

Re-skin and Customize Apps

Developing an app can be extremely costly. However, you don’t always need to develop an app entirely from scratch. You can re-skin an existing app. We’ll explain how you can re-skin and customize apps to save most of the cost of creating an app from scratch. Keep reading for the definition of what it means to re-skin and customize apps as well as why it might better suit your needs.

Hiring app developers to create an app from scratch requires a lot of time, money, and effort. And of course, there’s no guarantee it will be a success. App re-skinning is the perfect solution for non-developers to own and operate apps.

What it Means to Re-skin and Customize apps

The definition of app re-skinning is covering an existing source code with a new design and theme. Additionally, there is a level of modification you can perform on the source code as well. All that matters is that the main functions of the game remain the same. This method is prevalent in gaming apps, which tend to use recurring patterns of movement and functions. However, you can re-skin and customize apps of any kind.

You’ve probably browsed through the app store and found that some apps have very similar ideas and designs but are still different. Chances are these apps are re-skinned and customized from an original source code.

A few common examples of re-skinned apps are ones in which you drag and object onto a character to “dress up.” Or the apps that you are popping bubbles or candy etc.

Reasons to Consider App Reskinning or Customizing

The main reason to re-skin and customize apps is to save time, money, and outsourcing labor. Since you aren’t building the app from scratch, you cut the development time considerably. Meaning you can have an app ready to launch much faster.

  1. Save Money

You were purchasing a source code that already exists costs approximately 10-20 percent of the price you would pay to develop a new app. You can even find app source codes for as little as $45, whereas the cost of developing an app from scratch is $20,000 to $60,000 on average. Even if you pay $2,000 per re-skin, you can have many re-skin apps for the cost of one “from scratch” app.

When you compare the benefits, which include earning profit from in-app purchases and ads, you have the same earning potential from re-skinned apps.

  1. It’s Faster

Since you’re not creating a new app from scratch but you’re using a source code, you cut the development time substantially. This gives you more time and resources to focus on marketing efforts to make your app a success.

There’s no set amount of time that it takes to re-skin and customize apps. It all depends on what you want your end result to be. The concept of the app, the quality of the source code, and the amount of different elements you’re adding all affect how long it takes to create a finished product.

However, even with all of the above taken into consideration, you’re still spending far less time building an app from nothing.

Save Labor by Re-Skinning

A popular re-skin and customize apps success story is that of John Mayhew. Mayhew was a successful mobile casino app founder. He created 600 different iOS apps within four years, and over 25 million app downloads. The amazing part of it all is that John Mayhew doesn’t even know how to code.

What Mayhew basically did is build an empire from re-skinning apps. He focused on marketing and developing apps from source codes. Rather than spending his money on labor and the time it takes to build from scratch. Knowing this, it’s evident that earning a profit from apps do not require you to have the skills or a lot of money, all you need is the knowledge that you can re-skin and customize existing codes.

Purchasing A Source Code from ASO Empire

All of the above points illustrate precisely how much more cost-effective it is to purchase a source code and re-skinning it. Moreover, there are codes that you can buy for very cheap ($40-$50). However, when you’re purchasing a code, it’s the same as buying a license to use it. You don’t get full rights to the original code. You can re-skin a copy of the code to suit your needs.

At ASO Empire, we provide high-quality source codes that give you many options for re-skinning and customizing. That is why we are one of the leading providers of app development and re-skin and customizable source codes.

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