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Why ASO Marketing Is Important

ASO or App Store Optimization refers to the process of optimizing the visibility of an app on the App Store and Google Play.

The process of ASO marketing encompasses all activities aimed at maximizing the number of downloads and user engagement your app receives.

Likely, the more visibility your app has, the greater the number of downloads it will receive. Many things factor into what drives your app to the top of the search results in app store.

Understanding the algorithm that determines the fate of your app is the first step in successful ASO marketing.

The First Step Of ASO Marketing

Once you understand clearly how the algorithm in the app store works, you’ll know which steps need to be taken. Market Research is the first step to figure out what will take your app to the next level.

ASO marketing works similarly to SEO since over 60% of impressions your app will receive is in app store searches. Using the right keywords to reach your target audience is the first step to optimize traffic to your app.

You must understand your niche, know who your competitors are, and what strategies they use. Your main goal of reaching your target market is outranking your competitors for their valuable business.


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Purchasing App Downloads

New Application Challenges

If you have a new application, it can be challenging to break into the market. Your best strategy is to use the right keywords and begin ASO marketing from the beginning.

Don’t be alarmed if you have not been using ASO marketing already. You will likely have to tweak your keywords and make changes to your tactics often to optimize your visibility.

It is better to use mid to long-tail keywords in the beginning since this will reach a more specific customer. 70% of users search for longer search terms, and this often results in a higher number of downloads than broader search terms.

How To Find The Relevant Target Market

If you have put in the hard work to create an app, you generally already have a good idea of who your target market is. The challenge is reaching them by gaining insight into what others in your market are doing.

Customers that pay for app downloads will not take chances on apps that do not fit what they are seeking. It’s vital to communicate clearly what your app provides and use the proper keywords in ASO marketing.

Gaining insight into what your top ranking competitors are doing is crucial to the success of your app.

Keeping Your App Up To Date

It’s not enough to create an app and employ the proper ASO marketing strategy. You must consistently update your app to ensure the freshness factor is recognized by the app store.

Having an updated, bug-free app communicates that you care about your user’s experience and valuable feedback. App freshness will cause you to rank high in app store and will maximize the number of downloads and engagement it receives.

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