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Strategies For App Promotion

You might think that creating and developing your app is the hard part, but there is so much more to a successful app than you know. App promotion is just as if not more difficult than creation for many reasons.

What is Includes?

Goals of app promotion include: increasing your brand’s visibility, engaging with your audience, diversification, and gaining positive ratings and reviews.

Competition is tight for apps in 2019, with mobile use at an all-time high globally, you have a lot of work to do to reach the top. Some developers will even go so far as to pay for app downloads to increase traffic and rank higher in the app store and google play.

ASO is a very familiar concept to most online marketing as it uses some of the same principles as SEO. Here are some of the important app promotion strategies you must use to optimize your app’s visibility and secure as many downloads as possible.

App Promotion With Keyword Optimization

Using the correct keywords is vital for success in the app store and google play. The app store takes into account the keywords in your app name and description. Researching the right keywords to use is very important rank high in search results.

Marketing Strategy 100 %
Keyword Optimization 86 %
Perform Updates Often 52 %
Track Results Consistently 68 %

Professional Tips for You

Keyword Research
It’s important to re-visit your keywords often to make sure they are still the most effective and make changes when necessary.
Make Updates
The top-ranking apps are always updated with the latest versions available. It’s important to take feedback into consideration and provide current and new users with the best experience possible.

Perform Updates Often

App store measures the freshness of your app by accounting for the regularity of your updates. Apps that are updated often get the highest rank and, therefore, most visibility, which then translates to conversions.

Of course, it’s not just updating often that counts. Your updates should be important steps toward the consistent improvement of your app and meet user’s needs.

On- Metadata VS. Off- Metadata

Every successful app promotion strategy considers two major categories of factors. On Metadata is the first; the elements the developer can control, such as descriptions, titles, icons, and screenshots, etc.

Off-Metadata, the second, are the factors you cannot control like number of downloads, ratings. Developing a successful strategy to increase downloads and ratings is as crucial to app promotion as On-Metadata factors.

Monitor And Track Results Consistently

You cannot know what is effective if you are not consistently monitoring your changes and tracking the results of your efforts. Part of taking good care of your users means paying attention to their feedback to provide the optimal experience.

An important feature that google play offers is giving you the ability to respond to reviews. Having the ability to answer negative reviews can help you understand the user better and communicates your mission to those reading reviews.

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