App Marketing

App Marketing Planing

Once you’ve built your mobile app, your toughest task is to market it. App marketing takes a lot of hard work to make your app stand out among the stiff competition. You are likely entering a market with apps that have been around for years and have a strong reputation already.

Defining your target audience is the first step we will take, trying to reach everyone has proven to be fruitless in many cases. We will define a niche market that will find the most value from your app and create a profile for them.

App Marketing Essentials

Performing the necessary research on your current competitors is crucial to finding out what works. Learning which keywords they use and the channels they advertise on to your target market to overcome the challenges you’ll face. Your impact will be much stronger if you have a specific group in mind and you will see results much faster.

We understand how important app marketing is towards reaching your goals in the App Store and Google Play. Our work will be tailored to fit the trends relevant to the type of app you have created.

Increase Your Visibility In App Store

To increase your visibility, we will use the latest industry strategies in App Store Optimization. We will provide valuable insight into the title of your app, description, icon, and screenshots to make it stand out among your competitors.

Mobile users are visual, so having an appealing first impression of your app is very important. We’ll help you take control of your image and attract the audience you need to increase your ranking and downloads.

With so many different apps to choose from, your greatest challenge is to attract customers with the highest likelihood of downloading.

Keyword Research

  • Once we have defined your target audience, we will perform valuable keyword research. Since ASO works in a similar fashion to SEO, it’s important to reach your customers by the relevant search terms they use.

  • Using the proper keywords is perhaps the most important measure in the App Store algorithm. Key word search is the most common way your audience will find your app, so you want to be as specific as possible in your choice of keywords.


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Social Media Marketing

Short of deciding to pay for app downloads, nothing will increase your brand awareness more than correct app marketing. We can’t forget the most common form of online marketing in existence, social media.

Social Media Marketing is the process of using social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to reach to promote your app. Social media campaigns are more cost effective than traditional marketing methods and give you the ability to reach a wide audience.

We will design an outstanding and effective social media campaigns to promote your app to your target audience. Social media plays such an important role is our lives; no effective app marketing strategy would be complete without it’s use.

Using The Right Platform
Tracking & Reporting
Using Quality Images
Marketing Campaigns