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App Development – ASO Empire’s Unique Capabilities

Expert app development calls for extensive experience with many different platforms and tools. Additionally, you need an in-depth understanding of varying multi-use and platform situations that are all part of the app developmental phases. Being able to identify the correct combination of tools for each project makes us faster and more efficient. As a result, we can launch new app developments in a short time. 

Our team can build, test, launch, and support your app as well as maintain continuous visibility on software development. We can develop apps to satisfy every business requirement or challenge. We are creating apps that are designed to encourage loyalty and drive brand differentiation. As a result of our developers being able to collaborate with both designers and strategists, our apps are more flexible. Our specialty is apps that are innovative, with unique features that users love and appreciate.

Going beyond our app development abilities, we also bring knowledge and expertise to the of the funnel. We can include support for launches and app store optimization services.

Our Application Search Optimization Services Include:

APP marketing
Performing the necessary research on your current competitors is crucial to finding out what works
APP Promotion
App store measures the freshness of your app by accounting for the regularity of your updates.
APP Reviews
Using our high-quality services and accounts will give you a much needed edge over your competitors.

Backend Engineering

Starting in the early stages of conception and product strategy, our app development specialists will zero in on creating a custom solution for your unique requirements. We can integrate with existing systems or develop a middleware-based strategy. Our developers can also create a custom solution entirely from scratch.

Android App development
  • From the early days, we’ve been providing app development for Android. We leverage the strengths that Android devices have to offer and create unmatched solutions. You will find many of our creations a success in the Google Play Store.

iOS App Development
  • ASO Empire’s team began with app development for the iPhone, and we never missed a beat. We can command the unique strengths of every iOS platform to create innovative solutions for iPad, Apple Watch, and iPhone.

Quality Assurance

ASO Empire considers comprehensive testing and quality assurance absolutely crucial in every project we undertake. For this reason, our quality assurance team stays involved from the start of your project launch and continuously afterward. We don’t stop until we are sure that everything functions and pasts our extensive QA standards.
What to Consider Before You Begin Development of Your App

At the beginning of 2009, right after the launch of the Apple App Store, there were roughly 5,000 apps. However, by the end of 2019, there were well over 2 million apps, in addition to almost 3 million on Google Play Store. It’s safe to say that apps are an essential part of our digital existence.

In fact, for many brands, they are the most critical aspect of customer acquisition and brand loyalty. App users perform over 500,000,000 app downloads every day. It’s clear to see why so many companies struggle to stand out from competitors.

With so many choices of companies to choose for app development, there are a few things you must consider before making a decision.

  1. Level of Experience

There is a lot of demand for app development, so it’s no wonder you will find a lot of companies offering these services. However, it would be best if you considered the level of your app and how it relates to the developers. Smaller apps can benefit from having a smaller team of developers.

  1. Skill Sets

You might find it attractive to seek a developer whose sole focus is developing apps with the desired functions of your idea. However, doing so has a few drawbacks as well.

  1. After-launch Marketing

Creating and launching an app alone is never enough. Your next task is to get your app noticed by potential users. Consumers have a lot of choices to choose from, and thousands more appearing every week. It’s now harder than it ever was to get users to choose your app over the competition. Therefore, choosing a partner like ASO Empire that is skilled at post-app marketing will help you increase your downloads and retention of users.

  1. Researching Abilities

Technology and today’s apps have a shelf life of about one month that they are considered cutting edge. We’ve seen it time and time again, even with mobile devices alone. Technical capabilities are advancing so quickly that it’s impossible to stay on top of the competition without something entirely unique.

The best app development partner will have research capabilities so astute that they can stay ahead of the curve. That is one of the things we pride ourselves on at ASO Empire; our developers and marketers have the research capabilities to keep up. We’ll invest the time need to find out what’s next and ensure your app can do it.

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